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I've Got Rhythm

331J State Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

The Dancer's Edge

596 Dartmouth Street
South Dartmouth, MA 02748



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Open Weeknights and Saturdays 


With so many dance schools to choose from, how as a parent can you make an educated decision when deciding which dance school is the best for your child.  


Don’t be taken in, not all dance schools are created equal. When choosing a dancing school be sure to explore and make inquires as to the dance education your student will be receiving.

Professional and Educated Instruction - All of the educators at DCD are enthusiastic, passionate, and devoted instructors!  Each one of our staff members brings a different quality all of our students. Our students are sure to receive a well-rounded education. Our staff is a team and we balance each other, we believe no individual should claim to do it all.  Our student’s future is coming, we offer our students master classes and classes with guest choreographers to help our students to be a more versatile dancer. These guests share with our students the hottest new material of the current season.

Our Facility - Our facility offers video viewing for our first steps and kinder dance programs,  two classrooms, full mirrors in each classroom, excellent sound system, central air conditioning and we offer dance wear and apparel to all of our students and families.

Outstanding Customer Service - We have a full-time office manager to answer all of your questions and concerns. Teachers are not interrupted or pulled away during class time. From the minute you walk into our studio you are warmly greeted and welcomed by our front desk staff. From that point on our faculty, parents and students are engulfed by the our office mangers energy,  she makes it contagious!

Class Size - Our classes have fewer students, we strongly believe each child will receive more “personalized” attention and learn more. Smaller class size allows the teacher to monitor each student to be sure the he or she understands concept and instruction. Classes offered should have limits of 6-8 students in a class ages 3-6. Classes offered for student’s ages 7-12 should have limits of 12-15 students.

Hassle Free Spring Recital -
Our students perform in a professional atmosphere show. Our studio has an in house seamstress and is responsible of the general alterations on costumes.The week of the shows students are at the theatre for only one night of rehearsal prior to the performances.  All parents are invited to sit back and watch the performance while the children are entertained backstage with the volunteers and senior dancers.


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