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                                          GENERAL INFORMATION 




Our First Steps classes are for two and young three year olds. This is a program that has been developed to help younger children begin to enjoy the benefits of a dance program at an early age. First steps promote motor skills, coordination, balance, social interaction and the introduction to dance movement. We are very proud to offer these classes in the morning and encourage the participation from both child and parent.


This program is grouped into age-specific levels for ages 2.9 - 6 years. (2.9 year olds are accepted if fully potty trained)
These classes meet once a week and last one hour. Each class begins with a brief sharing time. Class continues with Ballet and Tap.

An additional class is offered for 45 minutes. This class includes tumbling and team cheer which will help students develop coordination, rhythm and musicality as well as learning how to work and share with others.

A jazz class is also offered at this age level to students registered in a ballet/tap combination class and have taken one previous year of dance.

A graded program from beginner through advanced. In this class emphasis is placed on proper technique and style.

Open to students 10 years and older who have developed the strength to work successfully and without exposure to physical injury.


One of the most enjoyable and typical American dance forms, invaluable for its development of rhythm.


This program incorporates Jazz and Hip Hop in one class. This program teaches jazz technique and combines the movement of hip-hop utilizing pop music. The combination of the two is ideal for the 6-8 year old students.


A contemporary form of dance incorporating musical theatre styles and based on movement using contemporary, Broadway and pop music.


An enjoyable form of street-like dancing with fun pop music incorporated with the development of proper technique. Dancer must be enrolled in a jazz class in order to participate in this program.


Open to students 8 and older who want to explore dance through creativity and an individualistic approach. Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet class to enroll in this program.


Our goal is to develop well-rounded gymnasts/cheerleaders here at The Edge. Motor skills, strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle tone are all the aspects of the development of gymnastics. This class will prepare you in flexibility, stunts, jumps, cheers, and cheer dances.


Open to students 8 and older whose goal is to communicate dance through movement. Here the statement comes before the technique.


Openings in the intensive program and the TDE Co. Dance Team are limited to dancers who are motivated to be the best they can be. It isn't about winning the trophy; it is about motivating dancers to be team players, striving for excellence, not perfection.




Adult students may choose from Tap, Hip Hop and  Jazz.   Students in our adult classes learn movement and combinations in a comfortable setting. Many of our adult students use this program for fitness and a social activity, which is our number one reason we offer this program.
Adult students may choose from Tap, Hip Hop and  Jazz.   Students in our adult classes learn movement and combinations in a comfortable setting. Many of our adult students use this program for fitness and a social activity, which is our number one reason we offer this program.



Join us this FALL for the fitness movement that is taking the world by storm. Zumba is the best of all worlds. Latin dance, fitness, great music, and fun, so "Ditch the workout and JOIN THE PARTY!"

Zumba combines low-impact, high energy dance movements, with intervals of fast and slow rhythms.  The dances are repetitive and very easy to follow, so everyone can do them. Just remember to keep moving and most importantly have fun!


This class includes a variety of workouts including both cardio and strength training.  This killer workout targets the lower body and abs.  This workout focuses on both endurance and strength training….but don’t worry with our stations your work out never get boring or tedious.




The Dancer's Edge offers a wide variety of classes for children ages 2.9 thru adult. Our structured dance programs expose and educate our dancers to the proper techniques needed to build a strong dance foundation. Dancer's age, ability level and previous dance experience determines class placement by the directors. All of our class sizes are limited to give your dancer the special attention they deserve.

STUDENT REGISTRATION FOR CLASSES AT THE DANCER’S EDGE                                       

Registration is held in August for Fall Classes and in June for Summer Classes. Our fall classes typically begin in September and our summer classes typically begin in July.

MINIMUM LESSON AND WITHDRAWAL                                                       
There is a two-month minimum for all lessons. One-month notice from the first of the month is required to withdraw from any class. Withdrawal must be made at our office by filling out our withdrawal form. No withdrawals will be accepted after April first.                                                                                                                          

Tuition is set at affordable, competitive rates and is paid by the season. For your convenience the fall season is broken down into 10 monthly installments. The first payment is due at registration. All payments received by the first of the month will receive a ten-dollar deduction.

Attendance is very important and should be consistent, for true progress is made when you look at each and every class as an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge. Students missing more than three classes after January will not be allowed to participate in the year-end recital/concert with no tuition or costume refunds.

CARE OF STUDENTS                       
The Dancer's Edge is not responsible for providing before and after care for students. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time periods before or after class.


DRESS CODE                                                                         
Dress Code is required for specific classes and must be worn to every class. Dance shoes must be worn in the classroom only. Please do not allow your child to wear his or her shoes to and from dance as they will be ruined and cause damage to the dance floor.

VIDEO VIEWING                                
Video viewing is offered weekly at The Dancer's Edge. The parents in first and kinderdance are able to view the children in the classroom on a weekly basis. If the parents sit in the classroom every week it is too distracting for the students. There are too many authority figures and the children lose class time looking for mom and dad's approval.

SNOW DAYS                                                                         
Snow Days are canceled after 1:00 pm. On any day that it is snowing, you will need to call the studio before leaving your home to be sure that class is not canceled. We cannot reach everyone in time due to school, work, and for others that aren't home. The cancellation will be on the voice mail after 1:00pm. We will offer a schedule make-up for this day.

MAKE UP CLASSES                                                                  
Make-ups are to be made in the month of absence. Make ups are from September through January only. Please call the office and let us know that your child will be absent from class.

YEAR-END DANCE ROUTINE                                                              
Recital routines are only worked on in the last quarter of the year. During the other quarters the teachers work on with students technique and a variety of choreography and combinations. It is very important that the elements of the class are covered well through the school year and the student is exposed to a variety of choreography.

RECITAL/SPRING CONCERT                                                                 
Our Spring Concert is held at a local theater for two evenings. The year-end show is optional for students and it is the high point of the year and it is a fun time for all.

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